Since its inception in 1991, Neuman + Associates has been servicing high wealth individuals primarily involved in the entertainment fields. Neuman + Associates is recognized in the business community for its high quality commitment to its clients and their financial well being.

The firm's professionals go beyond the traditional accounting and  tax planning that most CPAs perform and strive toward a level of service that is truly comprehensive; focusing on the client's total financial picture as opposed to only select segments of it.

Key to the firm’s success is its team of dedicated professionals. Neuman + Associates currently employs and utilizes professionals in the accounting, tax, insurance, investment management and administrative disciplines that dedicate themselves the clients’ success as if it were there own. Supported by years of experience, each team member recognizes and appreciates that every client is unique. At Neuman + Associates you are treated like an individual with different thoughts, needs and goals for your life and finances. We are here to support you and help you achieve your financial goals.