At Neuman + Associates, we believe your financial health is more than just the balance in your checking account. We work with you to ensure every aspect of your financial world is in order .

Our professionals are dedicated to bringing you the very best support and execution of:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Financial statement preparation and/or review
  • Analysis and payment of bills
  • Billing and collection of receivables
  • Coordination of investments and cash management
  • Establishment of retirement plans, oversight of plan assets and government filing requirements
  • Assistance with the purchase and/or sale of significant assets (such as real estate, automobiles and equipment), including purchase or sale, negotiation and¬†financing
  • Coordination and implementation of your estate plan, including trust management
  • Coordination and monitoring of property and casualty insurance
  • Analysis, billing and collection of medical insurance claims
  • Monitoring and coordination of various corporate and government compliance requirements